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Yoga Journal, Germany.  July 2009. Interview by Kristin Rubesamen

(translated into English from original German)

The address: a backyard in Brooklyn, Greenpoint, India Street – no joke. On one side there’s a Polish garage, on the other an artist loft, a bright blue sky above, an old plastic table in the middle of the yard and – shaggy blond curls, pale, white skin – a genuine lady in a leopard dressing gown. She’s baked some bread and rarely enough, she’s left her curlers at home. Kelly Britton, rockstar and yoga teacher, speaks friendly with a slight giggle caught in her voice – surprisingly happy for someone who was forced to flee to an shelter for battered women as a 23 year old single mom. Now she is the first  rockstar to sing the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali with a voice that would make even Patti Smith jealous if she were that type. Is it Rock’n’Roll? Is it  Yoga? Kelly doesn’t hesitate to answer but first we must eat.

YJ: Where are your leggings? That’s how I met you. 1999 in OM on 14th Street at your first yoga lesson, and since then you’ve been wearing your leggings: on stage, in class, on the subway…. Always black velvet. Slightly unpractical for the dustly studio floor.

KB: Yeah. I also had electric blue and golden ones. I would sweat like hell, my boobs would constantly hang into my face and I’d have to stuff them back into my bra. But there have been developments. Last week I wore hotpants and shorts to a concert and Izzie..

YJ: Your daughter….

KB:…said I looked like a prostitute.

YJ: How was the show?

KB: The last time I was so humiliated was in 4th grade when I stood on stage and my pants fell off. My guitar broke down, so I played horribly and since I play the lead in “Dirty Mothers”…

YJ: Your band…

KB: It was a total disaster. For the first time in my life I had to save myself by just shaking my ass. I ve been playing the guitar for 26 years and when it came down to it I was a goose – albeit a quite attractive one.

YJ: What’s the difference between playing a rock concert and giving a yoga lesson?

KB: When I do it myself, no difference, as long as both go well. I try to reach and cheer up every single person, because in the end we all want the same thing. At a yoga lesson I am probably more relaxed because the people join in and do loads of work themselves. On stage, however I have to do a lot of work ahead, so that the veil is lifted and I can reach the people there where we are all equal. That’s why it’s my dream, to, when I’m doing a rock concert, pull the people in and get them to really sing along.

YJ: You’ve already achieved that sort of “rock kirtan” in London. Remember the first time when you realized that equality between you and the others. Cause as a kid and later you were always the outsider, first as a maths genius and then as a computer genius, then suddenly in your mid-twenties you were stuck in Greenwich village with two small children.

KB: Yeah, I was probably 27 and the kids were four and six. When I played this piece called “Damaged Girl”  at CBGB for the first time, and afterwards people came to me crying, I understood that everyone has these wounds. I guess that was completely new for me. I thought I was the only broken one. But that we really all want the same thing, I first learnt that when I started teaching yoga.

YJ: What does success mean to you?

KB: To touch as many people as possible.

YJ: What type of Kelly do these people see?

KB: No idea. I just get out of the way and this voice comes. Sharon Gannon told me after one of my shows that during the performance some higher force took over, and honestly, when I remember that, I’m almost shocked. In the Ashtavakra Gita there is this one line, “You are just the instrument. That’s what I think of every day.

YJ: Are you the same on stage and in yoga class?

KB: I always thought I was totally different in each but that lining is blurring more and more. I think I can teach the yoga philosophy in both ways.

YJ: Are you religious?

KB: I’m highly spiritual. I believe in Ishwara, a force that is so full of love that it reaches everyone. Jesus, Allah, Krishna, your parents, Kali, no matter who.

YJ: How about sex, drugs and rock’n’roll? Or do you prefer the vegan cheese cake?

KB: Ok lets just get this clear, no way do I prefer vegan cheesecake to sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. Good drugs are something very special but I never seem to get to it anymore.

YJ: Well you still have your leopard dressing gown.

KB: Well, in my leopard dressing gown in my garden, I’d accept the vegan Cheesecake. But I’d be thinking about sex and rock’n’roll.

YJ: You were friends with Keith Richards and hid out in his kitchen for a summer. Would he like Refuge?

KB: I hope he’ll like it. He’ll definitely notice that I copied a lot of his licks. That summer my kids were at camp and my old friend Rob Fraboni, a friend of Keiths, invited me out to the country. He was producing a gospel record for Keiths sister in law on which Keith was playing, so we were hanging out there the whole time. I emptied out the fridge and watched them make the record.

YJ: What do people who have no idea about yoga say about “Refuge?

KB: Sometimes they don’t even notice that the lyrics are in Sanskrit. I know Punks who are thrilled with the music, old Catholics…

YJ: Old Catholic Punks? Interesting.

KB: Yeah, well, Its not just a “yoga record”

YJ: During the teacher training you were always secretly reading Carles Bukowski or holding naps. And now  Patanjali. You’re starting your own record label now.

KB:  I’ve been taking to  NBC. They’ve been wanting to do a reality TV show with me for over a year now: I really want to spread the idea of yoga so in this case I’m going to work with the system not against it.