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Kelly Britton started out with promise but crashed and burned early. She was programming computers at age 10, singing in coffee houses at 12, a senior in college by 19 and a divorced single mother living in a shelter for battered women at 23.Completely broke, she moved her babies to New York’s East Village and was lucky to partake in the Internet boom of the late nineties. As an artist, Kelly has a lot of stories to tell. She has lived in squats, dined with Kennedys, and has given birth to two children at home without drugs or doctors. She has been rescued from a fire, jumped by skinheads, had a strange man break into her house to steal her underwear and worked on an internet start-up with Keith Richards (a good time was had by all!). She has written hundreds of songs and two novels. For several years, Kelly sang in the Gospel choir at St. Mark’s Church-in-the-Bowery. Kelly has played her original material at various East Village and Williamsburg venues including CBCG’s, the C-note and Black Betty.
And then came the yoga…

Kelly walked past the old Jivamukti Yoga Center on 2nd avenue in the East Village every night for several years and always wanted to go in really badly. She knew David Life’s face well, but only as her east village neighbor whom she passed often, going one place to another with her small children in tow. At the time, she was a struggling and traumatized single mother of two babies, trying to make her way safely in the world. It seemed like having money to hire a babysitter and time to go to a yoga class were things she would never have, and would certainly never deserve.

It was the teachings of yoga that revealed the egotism involved in those thoughts and freed her from the unbearable suffering of feeling damaged and separate. Kelly finally did make it to her first yoga class, and never left. She is an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher.

She believes deeply that there is no faster way to personal transformation than by service and kindness to others, and that the more you practice patience and compassion, the more capacity you will have for both.

Kelly has yet to find words that are adequate to express her gratitude to Sharon Gannon and David Life for lighting her way through the darkness.

In late 2008, blessed by the support of Sharon Gannon and the Jivamukti Yoga Community, Kelly was able to create her first album Refuge, a collection of rock and roll yoga gospel punk songs.

Special Thanks!

Guitar series photography by Daniel Valdez. Album cover is by Valerie Shaff